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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nuremberg Lark Pigeon

Nuremberg Lark Pigeon
Le Pigeon d'Alouette de Nuremberg | Piccione di Allodola di Nuremberg

Origin .............. Germany
Family .............. Lark
Type ................ German Toy and Colour Pigeons
Colour .............. Standard Pattern (Plain and Chequered)
Resemblance ...... Dove
The finest bird among all the pigeon breeds having silky effect. These Birds have dull golden yellow color starting from head and runs down towards breast. Wings are chequered or sometimes plain very light grey in color. Chequered wings are a combination of white and black color, beautifully arranged in an evenly order. Plain wings have diluted grey color and sometimes a bar is also seen. The long feathers of wings are white in color. Eyes are black and have red ring around it. The Tail is light grey in color. The lower body is also diluted grey in color. The legs are plain and have a long beak. These birds are excellent parents, an active breed, will become tame but do not like to be being handled.



  1. Is this a wild breed that evolved naturally and has been domesticated? Or is it a breed developed through selective breeding??