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Monday, May 04, 2009

Shirazi Pigeon

Shakhsharli, are they the most beautiful and unique breed of pigeons? In my opinion it is by far the most stunning breed there is today. There are many different unique names for the Shakhsharli pigeons around the world for example in Iran it is called Shirazi pigeon because of a town called Shiraz, in Turkey it's called Saksarli, and lastly in Lebanon it is known as Shaik. The meaning of the Shakhsharli pigeons is "overdressed with beauty." This breed comes in four original colors black, blue, yellow, and red. This breed has many different features, than other breeds for example the three patches of color on its head. One patch on the top of the head, which is called a “skull patch”, and the last two at each cheek, called "cheek patches." A Shakhsharli heads are averagely large, and round. Their eyes should be black or a dark brown, but sometimes you will receive a pearl, or red eye which is do to mixing breeds. The main importance when receiving a shakhsharli pigeon is its marking. This breed should have a white head and neck to the breast line forming a V shape. It also should be white to a line at the shoulder.

The body of a Shakhsharli pigeon is quite small, extended or broad breast, good wingspan, flights carried above tail, and finally a bold and proud stance. These pigeons weigh about 12-15 ounces. The Shakhsharli pigeons legs should be muffed, and always slightly covering its toenails. Reaching the end on its toenails you should notice that the color of the feathers ends up white. Flying this breed is something that you will never stop enjoying. They can fly up to one or two hours depending on the training they are given at an early age. Very few of them will tumble, but not tumbling like Turkish tumbler pigeon ( takla ) do. In Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria people include a Shakhsharli, or a Karakandi pigeon in the flock (kit) of pigeons as a marking of their pigeons because of the tremendous amount of pigeons flying together every afternoon, at the same time over the city. This can be also known as " Pigeon War." The Shakhsharli pigeon breeds are mostly tamed very well, have an amazing behavior, and are incredible just to look at.


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  1. Beautiful breed. I would be very interested in obtaining some. Could you please let me know if there are any breeders in South America - or Colombia?

    I would appreciate it. My email address is


    Jorge Botero